Version & Status

Two endpoints to gather general information about the device.

These two endpoints are wide open and do not need any authorization data, except two comments below.

Get device version

The Authorization header is ONLY required to get information about microSD's card CSD and CID values.

System version


Get hardware and firmware version information.

  "hwv": "PPA rev 2.2",
  "fwv": "Encedo nGINE v0.9.77 (#ff0a263)",
  "fwk": "/Lbxo5MgU6ZOtVsxxG5jCQ5+4ewxoa1rV8eqMIFFnTA=",
  "fws": "Z+kAajgVVdSMQjNIvK5FGz0+9rf/JutVClNY6S7GBeQ765NMYET/XgdA61cmMk15waw08oNLuWmUygHK3xWFCA==",
  "blv": "Encedo Secure Bootloader v1.2 (#e2cf294)",
  "blk": "RQ96fuFKwYltmJ8Lhx9f5rXoD4lt78p8P4cud36P+zc=",
  "bls": "8MwowsKkxgEWnl2k0t/eOvsjTbR70poYC2czyPIwKn/hVL68WF3QaQwZ1bxVcYv7g8WEwyzJ2PVnTFAlYQ7hBg==",
  "sd_csd": "400e00325b590001dd7f7f800a40000d",
  "sd_cid": "9c534f35634d4a520567b960c30136a1",
  "uis": "Itbl/q8rkiMXfuUHSq/1ba68eA7BRABXywnuv3gb5lk="

Response data for successful operation

Get device status

The Authorization header is ONLY required to get information about statistics of the key repository memory.

System status


Get the device's online status information (including FLS state info).

  "ctx": 0,
  "uptime": 13236,
  "ts": "2022-03-16T18:17:27Z",
  "time": 1647454647,
  "storage": ["8388607:rw", "112590844:-"],
  "temp": 31,
  "fls_state": 0

Response data for successful operation

Fail state values (bitmasks)

  • 00h - no errors

  • 01h - KAT failure

  • 02h - Entropy failure

  • 04h - Temperature out of range

  • 08h - Data integrity failure

  • 10h - out of memory, malloc() failure detected

  • 20h - stack overflow detected

  • 40h - failure after checkin (locked)

  • 80h - failure after checkin (shutdown)

Storage status (on Encedo PPA)

The storage object is an array of two string elements, the first for Disk 0 (regular drive) and the second for Disk1 (secure drive). Those strings are a concatenation of disk size is a number of sectors (integer) and lock/unlock mode.

Example: ["8388607:rw", "112590844:-"] means:

  • Disk0 size is 8388607 sectors (every 512 bytes long) and the disk is unlocked in RW mode (read & write).

  • Disk1 size is 112590844 sectors and in locked ('-' means unavailable/locked, 'rw' means unlocked for read&write and 'ro' means unlocked in read-only mode.

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