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API Reference

Dive into the specifics of each HEM API endpoint by checking out our complete API Reference documentation.
This documentation is for Encedo nGINE v.1.0 and is a part of a Common Criteria "Guidance documentation" (AGD) and covers all API operations.
For simplicity, in all examples default domain for Encedo PPA is used. Replace with a real application domain name.
The certified configuration version is listed here.
Version: 1.2 (19.09.2022)


All the methods associated with the device configuration, versions or current status:


Everything related to user authorization (including Local and Remote users):

Key Management

Everything related to key management

Cryptography operations

Everything related to cryptography operations:

Audit log

Everything related to audit log access:

Flash drive

A bonus, Encedo PPA is an encrypted, secure Flash Drive :)

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