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Welcome to Encedo HEM API! Encedo HEM is a commercial version of CommonCriteria certification pending product Encedo nGINE HSM v1.0.
The Encedo HEM is a general-purpose, natively Internet-oriented, hardware security module (HSM) which provides advanced key management and basic cryptography functions that operate on the keys managed by themselves. The HEM communicates with host systems through its network interface (Ethernet over a USB connection, USB-ECM) and supports RESTful HTTP(s) based API.
There are two possible configurations (physical implementation) on the market:
  • Encedo PPA (Personal Privacy Assistant), USB thumb drive size form factor, and
  • Encedo EPA (Enterprise Privacy Appliance), 19” rack mount network appliance.
Encedo EPA 4 nodes versions
Encedo PPA in the spotlight

The version of this documentation

This documentation is for Encedo nGINE v.1.0 and is a part of a Common Criteria "Guidance documentation" (AGD) and covers all API operations.
This API is in version v1 and all endpoints, parameters, arguments, return data or error codes are persistent.
However, the authors may update non-critical data in this documentation, like comments, warnings or descriptions as a part of quality management.
The certified configuration version is listed here.
Version: 1.3 (12.05.2023)

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